5 ways content can: increase brand awareness

Brand awareness is integral to the running of a business. In actual fact, it directly impacts how many customers and clients you generate – consumers are much more likely to purchase from brands they recognise and trust. So, whether you are a new company looking to launch, or an older brand reaching for revival, content can help tell people why you are different, why you are better, and why they should become a loyal customer.

How to increase brand awareness | Rachel Writes

5 ways content can: grow an email list

Email trumps social media for communicating with customers – you are 6 times more likely to get higher click-through rates than tweets and it’s 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter. When looking for ways to help your business flourish, growing an engaged email list should be high on your list of priorities. Read on to find out how content can help those green shoots show…

5 ways content can grow an email list | Rachel Writes

In content we trust: tips for using content for professional services

Producing content for those in the professional services sector is a particular craft. You are seeking to nurture and build personal relationships, while also demonstrating your valuable expertise and specific know-how with which you can meet your clients’ and prospects’ needs. What it really comes down to is building trust. In this blog, I look at how carefully crafted content can help show you have the integrity and ability your clients deserve…

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Why should I use a freelance content writer or copywriter?

Originating in 19th century England, a ‘freelance’ was a knight without a lord, meaning their weapons were not bound to serve a particular castle and its people. They could be employed by any lord who needed extra help – so in other words, their lance was free for hire. Let’s look at how a freelance content writer or copywriter could be your knight in shining armour …

Why should I write a client case study for my website?

You have outlined your products or services on your website, but can your products do what you say they can? And, do you really do what you say you do? The proof is in the pudding as they say, so why not show off your ‘star bakes’ in a sweet client case study?