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I’m a small business, do I need to write press releases?

Press releases are statements shared with the media to generate news coverage, so what are you waiting for? Get the word out there and increase visibility for your business.

The press release has long been a valuable resource for businesses of all sizes, not just the “big ones”. It has proven to be a simple yet effective way of getting the word out about anything you deem worthy of promotion – from a significant business acquisition or major new hire to a new product or upcoming event. The press release is a fantastic tool to build awareness, create buzz, and help you forge connections with influential media figures.

What kind of things should I shout about?

It might sound obvious, but it is essential to only put out a press release when you’ve got something of genuine value to express or reveal. These are not something that should be churned out, but be carefully crafted and timed announcements – otherwise you’ll quickly find yourself consigned to the Junk folder of a journalist’s inbox! Have you recently recruited or promoted a senior or well-respected employee? Are you announcing an exciting new product, service, or office location? Have you recently received a prestigious industry award? Will you be holding a corporate event or webinar in the near future? These are all newsworthy topics for a press release which will no doubt have an audience.

How do I write a press release?

A well-written press release follows a particular style and format to make them as engaging and readable to the journalists receiving them as possible – you want to make sure that they can scan the information for facts easily and will be enticed to read right to the end.

  • Format properly
    Don’t fall at the first hurdle – format your press release in the industry-standard template (you can find these online). Keep your press release to a single sheet of paper.
  • Craft an attention-grabbing headline
    The title of your press release needs to communicate the essence of your message so it jumps out to the journalist when scanning their inbox. This can be supported by a descriptive subheading positioned just underneath it (20 words or so) – if it’s enough to engage the reader they’ll certainly make it to the end of the piece.
  • Don’t ‘bury’ the story
    Make sure that your most ‘news-iest’ point is presented in the first few lines rather than waiting for a big reveal at the end – your readers won’t be that patient! Press releases are intended to be succinct.
  • Find an angle
    Coming back to your most ‘news-iest’ point – you need to find the angle which will hook your readers in. Does your news tie in with something trending at the moment? Are you solving a common problem that has recently hit the headlines? Your readers will be asking “What does this mean to me?” so make sure you make it clear exactly what your product or service etc. offers to increase engagement.
  • Use a quote
    It’s smart to deploy a quote in your press release and show a ‘human face’. Quote a salesperson to convey expertise, a customer who left a great review to promote great service, or the CEO to show strong leadership where appropriate. These words will feature verbatim in the published release so make them count and encapsulate some of the key messages.

Press releases can be a valuable tool to draw upon when looking to increase your brand awareness and inform your potential customers about the great things that you are doing. I’d be pleased to help you in writing a press release and sending it to the right media contacts so you can get your story out there.

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