Neon sign reading 'This Is It!' - cropped - Rachel Writes email and e-newsletter writing service

Email and e-newsletter content writing

Grab customers by the eyeballs with stand-out email content

Whether you’re trying to generate new customers, retain loyal ones, or up-sell products or services to an existing customer base, direct mail is a proven way to help you achieve results.

I can help your email marketing work harder by creating compelling content to grab and hold your readers’ attention and importantly drive the action you desire.

I’m experienced in using the popular Mailchimp and Poppulo email software platforms.

If content is king then structure is queen in the realm of email marketing. Starting with the all-important killer subject line I can help format your messaging to give your compelling call to action to best chance of generating a response.

Whether you require a regular client communication, an ad-hoc notice to promote your latest product or service, or maybe a targeted bulletin to direct readers to your latest report, let me help you to craft your message to drive the most engagement. Get in touch and I’d be pleased to send you a non-obligatory quote.